Thursday, October 23, 2008

Malaysian Hospitality

Welcome back daisy!...hehehehe...actualy i've been stop to mencarut2 in this blog since i entered the KMPP (kolej matrikulasi Penang-greatest matrix eva! food. guys....seems NICE) hehehehe
dats it for the introduction - mcm wat lab report plak =p

Bout this MH,

"Awatlah hg mangkuk ayun sgt!"
Guys u nuo wat....this MAS online ticketing service is so damn freak SUX!
Firstly, written down could be pay used Maybank2u...but s***t there was no username and pass in order to logon this M2u...wth???!!!
pegi bankrup la MAS oi (sabar feera, saba)
i've tried this not once but trice n even wat do u guys tink??? (aku da fames kat web MAS, wakakakaka)
Aku nak balik...i dun care!
Regarding my project 1, yeaaa! submission delay till 28th Oct!
Ape le aku nmpak gayanya kt lebri ni sambil mencarut2 kt MAS

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