Thursday, November 20, 2008


LI or latihan industri
hurm, seems hard to choose company which willing to accept me
aku ni xlah bijak sangat (i mean not a straight A student)
tp u nuo wat, to b successful not 100%ly rely on ur result, but ur "attitude".
well, this kind of motivation make me feel well enuff to strength even build my self confident.
i'm eager to find out wat my life will be in da next 2 or 3 years. huh! tatotnyaaaa
adakah aku akan jadi pegawai? da kawen? ada anak? wah3 berangan
suma tu lambat lagi....insyAllah
i've been working during my last2 sem break, my boss usually advice me that, please feera, u r greatest enuff, dont compare to others, be urself and build ur self confident!
yeah! thanks boss!!!
rite now i'm about 3/4 to finish my bachelor degree..(wah xsangka, umo xsampai 22 da dapat degree)hahahaha
great me! (puji diri sendiri nmpk,suka hati aku la, sapa nk puji lg)
btw, i av a lot, a lot of work to be dis case, to photocopy my sijil2, and borang2...well, gtg
c u nex time

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