Sunday, December 28, 2008

my first masterpiece

its been awhile
nuo wat, i av my new hobby...which is baking cake
it such a nice work to be done
well, let us share some brilliant idea from chef feera...hahaha
it is quick, looks like "lazy bump step" but i do enjoy it! (org xpenah wat cake mmg cmni, ha3)


Ready made NONA flour, moist cake (dis is why i col myself brilliant)
3 egss
150g buttercup
Tray with bottom lose

Mix well all those ingredients in a bowl until it light n creamy (yummy)
pre heat the oven with 180 degree celcius
Then cook till 30-35 min

this is how my cake look alike! With this creative decoration from "feera TM" idea...hahaha-believe me it is so nice to be c n eat!

n Good luck!

Warning: do not add this white choc if u av diabetes melitus!

1/4 eaten (means delicious!) hahahaha

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