Saturday, December 27, 2008

stuff stoff stuffy

A gurl love to look beautiful
Yes, i agree!
in order to look pretty, u should buy sumtin that may b great on u
for me, i do make up (a bit with eye liner n lip gloss) 4 a sexy appearance (not to seduce ok).
For this sem break, i av a really cool n sexy present, which is Levi's strauss skinny (latest trend today which being wear by scarlet johanson, kate moss, angelina jolie n victoria beckham). i love to wear it wif my ballet shoe. it look great on it! nk pakai boot heels, da la aku renjong xpasai org pggil aku galah.
This is why i love levi's, eventhough slame ni asyik beli levi's kt roadwalk je (HAHAHA)
faham2 jela

am i look sexy wif skinny?

While the other stuff that i used to wear is cutex
This elianto cutex look nice if u reali nou how to put it on u
Ini juga salah satu hobi aku time period
hahaha, pepaham jela if pkai cutex to knape (hu3)

sila abaikan tapak kaki tu, it is not my stuffy, but it is kaki BUSUK suhaanis! amik hg
p/s: credit to sunis for teachin me how to wear cutex a.k.a pewarna kuku (ayat amik hati)

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